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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. country's make mistakes. we have made more than our fair share. it's what you do with those mistakes. >> there was another man named martin luther king who came to washington dc and he talked about a dream. >> opposing rallies in the capitol mark the 47th anniversary of king's i have a dream speech. a huge clean up in fairfax when a tanker spills thousands of gallons fuel. more college students saying good-bye to summers this weekend. >> this is nine news now. >> i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. we will get to the rallies. we start with breaking news in the mayor's race. according to a poll that's soon
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so be released benson gray leading in the democratic primary. the poll just two weeks before voters go to the polls. numbers not known at this time. the hire is what the candidates said. >> how is it that you aren't getting the credit you and your supporters feel you deserve sniffle it's 100% my fault. i was so blindly focused on getting results as may ire didn't do enough time telling them to people and that's what happens. >> people want to be included. this city is -- without having a vote. people who pay the same taxes, don't have the same say and people don't want to be treated like that. >> reporter: the washington post is endorsing him and the post takes on gray with another editorial. they acknowledge gray leads in
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the latest poll. the post is expected to release at midnight tonight. the 47th anniversary of the martin luther king speech. king's neice calling for the restoration of traditional american values. a second rally reclaim the dream held by al sharpton was held near the site where the king memorial will be built. >> today we are here to honor special men and women who like my uncle martin are blessed servant's hearts. over these grounds we feel the spirit of dr. king. >> do we choose to look back or do we do what every great generation has done in america in times of trouble, look
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ahead. >> because others marched, we have a different life. but we have to keep that going so that our children will have an even better life than us. >> there is no official word on how many people attended the rally today. the park service stopped counting years ago because the organizers always disputed the numbering. the supporters of the reclaim the dream march started with a rally at the country's first public african american high school. they march from dunbar to the site of the future king memorial saying the dream of dr. king hasn't been realized for all. supporters of the restoring honor rally want a return to what they call traditional values. >> they have a right to do it. otherwise we would be stopping their right for free speech. the thing is that we are looking forward toward the
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dream and not the negative. they want to move back, we want to move forward. >> we are here to let those folks know that they don't represent the dream. they sure don't represent my dream. >> i believe in our freedom and in all that glenn beck has been telling us and our country is in danger. >> basically restoring convert havive values. >> to much government and the government is never bigger than the people. >> police report both events peaceful. fire and emergency services say about 100 people had to be treated for minor medical problems. many as 7 went to the hospital. >> emotional reunion as the oldest active duty unit in the army returns home. the guard had been there for years. family members overwhelmed. >> about 124 of those warriors
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of the old guard returned they made a grand entrance indeed. let's take a look. >> back home at fort mey er they were deployed for a full year where it provided security for one of the three remaining prisons under united states control. for the first time since world war ii all guard soldiers conducted combat patrols as parter their duties. 124 of them will be heading home tonight with their loved ones in their arms for well deserved r and r. a lot of emotion here at fort meyer as those troops were welcome and with us we have some of those families that we will talk live to. we have sergeant app. his wife, also sergeant ap and two littling app's. >> it's great to be back. its been a long time. my son has grown u. my daughter is getting bigger.
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it's great to be home. >> reporter: how to you feel when you saw him standing there and being here home safe and sound? >> excited and ready to hold him. >> reporter: let march there you go. you came up and said you wanted to be on tv. what do you have to say? >> i feel excited and i'm just ready to go home and just hug him. >> reporter: okay. how about giving him a kiss right now? there you go. and now with us -- first class sergeant and his wife. two 6-year-old and 2-year-old. welcome home. >> thank you. >> reporter: you were part of those patrols. that was historic, how did it feel to make history on behalf of your country? >> it was ground breaking. it was nice it be able to be part of that history to -- something so big. >> your thoughts on your husband being back. >> i'm thrilled is he back. it's a long year and we are
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excited to go home and be under one roof and be a family. >> reporter: there you have it. congratulations on behalf of a grateful nation. welcome back. there you have it. good news out here in fort meyers. >> yes. welcome back to all of them. three more american troops killed in afghanistan. the death comes the same day enemy forces put on american uniforms and staged assaults on nato bases. pentagon said the three died in southern and eastern parts of the country. a tanker truck spill shut down main street in fairfax virginia. a truck overturned spilling four thousand gallons of fuel onto the street. some of that fuel went into a creek. police have charged the drive we are reckless driving. the street was shut down four and a half hours as crews cleaned up the mess. stabbing in southeast washington leaves a man dead. it happened just after midnight in the 4400 block of wheeler
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road. the victim a 37-year-old shaun west was pronounced dead at a local hospital. tonight police are offering a reward of $25,000 for information. a high school reunion in baltimore turns deadly when one goes on a stabbing rampage. police say a 23-year-old man was killed and eight were hurt in the attack. it happened last night where some 800 former high school students were holding a reunion. >> by the time we got there it was a melee. they actually pointed at least two of the people that were involved in the altercation. >> tonight police charged 28- year-old james booker. they haven't release aid motive. one of the oldest airlines cancels all flights. they shut down all flights today leaving thousands of baggies stranded without air service. the company is in bankruptcy
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and stopped selling new tickets. passengers were unable to get refunds or help. >> it may be my money come back in three or four weeks, maybe. >> people here living in los angeles they can go home, for me i'm stuck. the line isn't putting up for hotel or food or anything. its been a long day. >> the transportation secretary said they are restructuring. the airline blames last year's swine flu outbreak and the bad economy for the problems. hurricanes off the coast rough surf and dangerous rip currents battered the area. it's 300 miles southwest of bermuda. officials say they are taking extra precautions. we will have more lifeguards on duty. families being told to get out as wildfires in washington state threaten even more homes.
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it's grown to almost 2,000 acres since friday. 40 families have been told to leave and more have been told to get ready to leave. float president will be speaking in louisiana tomorrow to mark the anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president will address residents of the university. they will remember those who died and reassure those who have rush returned that he is committed to rebuilding. one survivor recalled what happened when the storm hit. >> we could see that it was on top of our house. we would hope it was able to -- hold up. >> a march and healing ceremony scheduled in the lower 9th ward. the circle painted on them indicating they had been searched and if body was still inside. the city of new orleans will hold a quiet ceremony including a toiling of the bells of st.
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louis church and a candlelight vigil. still ahead, trees planted on the grounds of september 11th. paris hilton in trouble again this weekend. what happened to her. that story next. and we were just a whisper away from 90 here in washington. 84 what we should be this time of the year. the wake up weather calling for another good start for the day. temperatures in to the 60s. through the 70s very quickly. all the rest of the forecast talking about heat, hurricanes, everything you need to know with the outlook.
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. paris hilton in trouble with the law. thearchy was a passenger in a cadillac and was pulled over by las vegas police last night. police say a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. officers searched it and found the substance that was determined to be cocaine. she was arrested on suspicious of cocaine possession. she posted bail a short time later. new information about that salt lake city man found dead in northwest washington alley. the 22-year-old eric wright was
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not a tourist but was working here in the area. his body was found lying in the all, y around two this morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police don't suspect foul play. a bit of life returned to ground zero. 16 trees planted in the middle of the area. they are the first in what will be the memorial garden. the trees were brought in new york, pennsylvania and washington dc. all cities impacted by the september 11th terrorist attacks. the trees 30 feet tall but will stretch to form a canopy over the park. the garden is done there will be 400 white trees on the site. if you are heading to the eastern shore or atlantic coast be prepared for a lot of delays. crews resurfacing the road on route 50 beginning near the beltway for a nine mile stretch.
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that work could last through monday morning. virginia eastbound i-66 -- reduced to only one lane. the ongoing hot lanes. you can see how work is moving through there right now. vdot warning of delays up to an hour. monday morning drivers will be -- summer officially over for george washington university students in downtown washington. freshmen and returning students move to the new dorm from the foggy bottom campuses. we join one thousand staffers and foggy bottom neighbors to help the students move in. classes for the fall semestr start on monday. the wastewater agency for nearly two million people in montgomery missed marks for repairing its system. that is a cording to analysis
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from the leader of the organization. you can read that on sunday. coming up on the news, they may not float for long but these boaters are still having a good time. we will take you there. another hot day an the way tomorrow. the forecast next. i love my curves.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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. wasn't that bad today. >> lot of people in town visiting. >> if you get a temperature that's hot you like to keep the humidity low and that's what we have had. since i moved here i brought to you couple big snowstorms, hurricane, brought you a quake, brought you severe storms. >> it's over or is there more? >> yeah. we may have to talk about hurricanes. >> of course. >> before we get to that let's talk about the next three days. it's just the heat coming back. at least that heat won't bring
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along the humidity. the latest judgement coming in. i brought the temperature up to 98. these will push by the middle of the week record highs. 92 tomorrow not even close to that high, record high but we will do so when we get to the middle of the coming week. warmer, hot, hotter through the middle and the end of the week. another mild night. coolest spots lower 60s. 50s the last few mornings. only going to get warmer in the overnight. moderate air quality if you are sensitive to the lesser air quality, sensitive groups watch out for the next couple weeks. it's real stagnant air and hot temperatures. at least it's staying fairly dry. you see the clouds going here north of south, east to west. south to north then the clockwise spin. we have a bubble of high pressure over the top of us. great warm up. lots of sun. temperatures reaching nearly 90.
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mid-70s officially. 60s showing up. right in to the future cast. i like to show you what we will see outside the door the next couple days. really all we have to watch is very warm air turning hot eastbound even as we turn into monday, tuesday, wednesday very hot weather for this time of the year will be here. we also need to look at what is already churning in the atlantic. this is going to have a big effect by the end of the week. right now it's earl. he will become a hurricane as soon as sunday afternoon. by monday into tuesday we are looking at a major hurricane, at least a category three, possibly a four. by thursday afternoon, noontime thursday this storm has a line on the northeast coast. we see changes -- big time impacts on what will happen. latest indications this storm will speed up a little bit and come in more thursday, friday ahead of the approaching storm. that is not what we want to see.
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that could put it right here near washington. if it lags off i think that storm system pushes it out to sea. bad news behind that though is we have another storm that could have a similar track. that one is fiona. back to the zone forecast. lower 90's, as far west as west virginia. get to washington, lower 90s. turns to 80s the farther east you go. seven day with all this together. look at this extended -- all tickets near there thursday up to 99. by friday into saturday that's where we might see cooler weather. possibility of what will happen with earl. then into next week could look at what's going to happen. lot to talk about . >> all right. going to be on the look out for earl. >> these boats may not be sea worthy but a lot of fun putting them together. the yearly card board boat regada held in oklahoma.
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40 teams made up of businesses, schools and kid groups race against the clock for the best time. if they fail they could win prizes for the best sinking of a boat. >> yeah. >> haynesworth has a sense of humor. >> played well and he plays well all is happy. the relationship between him and mike shanahan could be on the mend. you will hear what albert is saying. they go out and do this. we will show you what it is when we return. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it. . before you get started great seeing the cowboys. >> always a good thing. first game of the season in good shape. the redskins will be in good shape. the redskins forces a lot of turnovers but can't run the ball.
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they can't score points. after three pre-season games it's hard to get a read on the team. dave owens. if anyone can figure out the skins we will leave it to dave. >> the son of rex grossman starting against the defense may have been unsettling. >> he did a good job. through a quarterback in there. fence that type of defense. number one in the league in so many different areas. he made some throws in there. >> he wasn't the problem. the run game that wasn't there and got just 22 yards against the offensive line was. >> the line -- you take it personal when -- we all want to have 150-yard rusher. collectively we all have to do our job. >> reporter: for a second straight week the offense sputtered in the red zone. >> plays we inched from making then being -- having six instead of three. >> reporter: as for haynesworth
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he played well in to the second half but sea ed highway work to do before he masters the defense. >> still had that 4-3 mind set trying to make plays. i can definitely improve a lot. i didn't play horrible. >> reporter: what about his relationship with his head coach? >> i'm going over to dinner. sitting, have a c. >>announcer: gar. >> reporter: the rest of his defensive brothers hung in there well. >> that's -- likely said, somebody we gave up runs. couple twice out of gas. to be a great defense. >> reporter: at the middle lands, dave owens. >> thank you dave. portis had only one carry because he suffered a sprained ankle. the injury isn't known. mike shanahan can't think it was serious. we will know tomorrow. the ravens taking on the
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giants tonight. eli. you know -- bolden connection hook up in the first half in the second -- bolden, touchdown. four catches for 52 yards, the ravens beat the giants. strasburg got a second upon on the tear in his ten ton. he need tommy john surgery. the nationals trying to move on facing the cardinals. adam dunn -- a one mack wrecking crew. he sends one into the left field corner. one run scores. zimmerman, he scores, the game tied at three. we go to the 5th. game tied at five. the donkey at the plate again. adam gives it a ride. done with five rbis. nationals win it 14-5. they tie a season high. the orioles out west taking
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on the angels. this is josh bell and bell -- unloads the opposite way. the birds lead the angels 5-0 in the 8th. trigger woods start the third round four shots off the leadful easily in striking distancet. didn't take long for his hopes to falla art. looking for his first win of the season. it'll not come this weekend. all because of this t shot on the first hole. this is not good. it goes in to the wood, over the fence action, out of bounds. here is laird. this tiger is how it's done. the leader at 12, under. high school football is underway and we are teaming up with high school to bring the best coverage. we are looking fog students who want to be part of the team.
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for more information go to the website. in san francisco madison having issues. first the wild pitch. that is nowhere close. a chance to atone but the ball comes flying out of his glove. drew was out. now he is safe. two bloopers on one play. not a good game for him. i guess appropriately named because he was bumming after that one. >> for this last game do you -- >> . i think you rest the starters. no sense in taking chances. >> thank you for watching. have a good night. good-bye. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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